Eurovision–a global brand with 162 million users–chose AE to help bring musical contestant excitement to South America. With 1 million users expected from day one, the Voxovation iPhone app we designed empowers real-time voting for favorite singers and lets users play trivia and earn more votes by completing challenges.

We designed an app that requires the least possible exertion of user willpower by delivering just-in-time info so users see when voting windows will open and close and a countdown to airtime, so users don’t have to track episode schedules. The app interrupts user flow as seamlessly as possible. Users see a heads-up display of voting-round timers rather than notifications. If the user is outside the app during a key moment, they’re taken right to the action when they next engage. The app also allows users to remember what they’re doing and accomplish it, saving entered info without the user having to take a “save” action. The design lets users rely fully on the app and trust it without duplicating functions. If an unforeseen issue arises, the user gets instructions to recover their experience, rather than an error message. 

AE’s design supports users at every step of the way and is consistent and intuitive. In addition to the notable UX, the Eurovision team was impressed by our talent, team work and leadership – we prioritized the tasks that led to success. 

Voxovation Screenshots
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