AE has been in blockchain since the beginning. Blockchain is a new financial frontier, but we partner with people to help navigate the ever changing space and get to market with something that makes sense for their business given all the technical and legal considerations. We implement end-to-end: We build it, launch it, provide on-going support, UX research, and collaborate with partners for co-marketing/build awareness.

We love to Build

We love to create technology to power and utilize the blockchain ecosystem. Here are a few of the cool things we're working on:

Protocol Labs is an open-source research, development, and deployment laboratory working on projects including IPFS, Filecoin, and libp2p.

We've worked with Protocol Labs building open source and internal tools. Some things we've worked on with PL include testing and optimizations for libp2p's gossip sub protocol in preparation for its integration into ETH 2.0, building a network inspector style debugging tool for the Kademlia DHT implementation of go-libp2p, creating a network visualization and debugging tool using WebGL for Filecoin, and creating a Filecoin browser extension among other things. We are also a proud winner of the Slingshot Challenge ❤️.

Pied Piper Without the Rats

We built Soundchain’s blockchain-powered music streaming application, giving more power and economic opportunity to artists and their fans by bringing them together directly while eliminating middlemen like record companies and titan music platforms. By allowing users to freely mint and sell audio NFT’s, artists can maintain ownership and control of the music they create. We built this marketplace on Polygon while adding the generation of non-custodial ETH/Matic wallets from which users have the ability to view their complete transaction history including royalties.

Tokenizing Audio For The Masses

We built Token Runners, a white-label platform that enables brands quickly and seamlessly extend into web3. Customers can design a marketplace to organize and display content in any way they like with personalized themes, collections, and filters. Customizable royalties allow them to retain control when their collection inevitably blows up. Token Runners is chain-agnostic and accepts any wallet. Customers can choose from different drop options — air drop or blind drop — we’ll help you select the best way to get NFTs to your users. Custom features, designed rarity tables, and art templates make it easy to go from 1 to 10,000 NFTs with the click of a button.

Token Runners

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We built a complete, custom, white-label NFT marketplace solution for Rare Goods, major teams and institutions to launch their own NFT drops. Admins can batch mint their own NFTs on Polygon with custom royalties, set sales and auction parameters, and view relevant data and reports. Users can buy NFTs using credit cards in primary sales and auctions and also re-list and then cash out on an in-platform secondary marketplace. Given the Rare Goods’ partnerships and the users they target, we kept compliance and ease of use a top priority. After working with Circle to facilitate support of fiat integrations, we implemented a KYC/AML policy and focused on supporting a very intuitive user interface to make the platform accessible to non crypto natives (who we hope to convert to the dark side 😉 ). Rare Goods has recently launched with an NHL team and has many exciting things to come in 2022!

you miss 100% of the (top) shots you don't take

With the global pandemic hindering the live music industry in 2020/2021, live stream concert companies such as Mandolin looked to help artists expand on the traditional concert experience. We worked with Mandolin and OpenSea to build an NFT marketplace for a performance by Jake Cinniger (of Umphrey’s McGee) in which he constructed an original song from scratch, in real-time. Users could purchase, and bid on digital merch (including 3D animated posters, the right to name the completed song and an NFT of the song itself), mid-show, directly from Mandolin’s platform.

NFT Merch For Live Stream Concerts

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