AE has been in blockchain since the beginning. Blockchain is a new financial frontier, but we partner with people to help navigate the ever changing space and get to market with something that makes sense for their business given all the technical and legal considerations. We build end-to-end blockchain projects from idea inception to launch and ongoing support.

Our strategic partners bring all the possibilities of web3 to our clients brand and users - be they degens or suits. We form and support strong communities and continue to analyze the market and convert data into cohesive long term strategies and robust scalable products. We believe the metaverse should be decentralized and increase human agency all while stacking bags.

Our blockchain solutions are tailored to specific business use cases to achieve next-level security, transparency and automation.

Our Web3 Services

End-to-end Blockchain SolutionsEnd-to-end Blockchain Solutions

We help to identify the integration of blockchain technology by completing extensive market research, feasibility assessments, and thorough analysis of available platforms and tools.

Strategic Planning & AdvisoryStrategic Planning & Advisory

Concluding our discovery and research, we assist companies in creating an ideal roadmap, a comprehensive whitepaper and ultimately an efficient MVP.

DApp DevelopmentDApp Development

We build powerful applications that utilize underlying smart contracts to execute secure transactions on the blockchain. Our developers follow agile processes to ensure building an efficient MVP.

Smart Contract DevelopmentSmart Contract Development

Our team specializes in crafting immutable or upgradeable smart contracts through proxies to power the DApps we build.

Marketing & Community DevelopmentMarketing & Community Development

Our creative teams work together to craft the right strategy and marketing mix to engage, influence and gain credibility. Through these methods, we will form an engaging community and positive morale around your product.

Web3 for EnterpriseWeb3 for Enterprise

We straddle enterprise/web3 and understand how to manage projects with multiple stakeholders, tight timelines, high stakes, brand management responsibilities and we won't vape on zoom calls 🙃

Web3 Solutions

Our complete blockchain development services and solutions provide scalability, transparency, and security to your ecosystem. We build end-to-end blockchain projects from idea inception to launch and ongoing support.

NFT Marketplaces

We build comprehensive decentralized NFT marketplaces to facilitate NFT trading, bidding, and selling digital assets.

We develop storefronts with an intuitive user experience where sellers can upload their digital assets and buyers can seamlessly purchase NFT's. We integrate powerful analytics to monitor user activity and volume on the marketplace.

We’ve also built tools capable of launching completely white-label cross-chain marketplaces that facilitate the minting and trading of multi-chain compatible NFTs.


Tokenomics plays a critical role in the design and implementation of blockchain networks as it outlines how value is created, transferred, and captured within a particular ecosystem. It describes the token as a medium of exchange, a store of value, and a unit of account within a given blockchain system, and how these functions are influenced by various factors such as supply, demand, and network effects.

We design strategic whitepapers outlining token utility, distribution, rewards, staking, liquidity, and governance. We help companies setup secure multi-signature vaults to hold and access treasury funds.

Metaverse Development

Our team is capable of creating immersive metaverse experiences spanning NFT marketplaces, community formation, gaming and just about anything you can imagine.

Wallet Development

We build complete wallets with capabilities to hold and exchange cryptocurrencies and access to balances, transaction history, fiat on-ramps, and 2FA security.

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We speak blockchain.

Our expert developers build on a wide range of blockchains, and are well-versed in the industry's most prominent languages.






We work with

We partner with industry leaders to keep our fingers on the pulse

Dapper Labs

Polygon Studios

Protocol Labs




Our blockchain partners

Our expert developers build on a wide range of blockchains, and are well-versed in the industry's most prominent languages. We partner with industry leaders to keep our fingers on the pulse.

Polygon Studios uses the power of Ethereum and innovative scalable solutions to allow developers to build powerful web3 applications. We've partnered with Polygon Studios to assist clients in building powerful decentralized applications using the Polygon blockchain.

Dapper Labs uses the power of play to deliver blockchain-based experiences and digital collectibles that are made for you and ready for the real world. We've partnered with Dapper Labs to help clients immortalize historical art and events on the Flow blockchain.

Salesforce NFT Cloud is a platform that provides businesses with the tools they need to manage, sell, and authenticate NFTs. NFTs are unique digital assets that are stored on a blockchain, making them one-of-a-kind and impossible to duplicate. NFT Cloud helps businesses leverage the power of NFTs to monetize their digital assets and create new revenue streams.

Our partnership with Salesforce Web3 allows us to deliver trusted experiences with branded marketplaces and built-in security. Allowing users to build trust & mint sustainably, deepen relationships with digital collections and engage new audiences in new channels.

Want to work with the best?

We love to Build

We love to create technology to power and utilize the blockchain ecosystem. Here are a few of the cool things we're working on:

Protocol Labs is an open-source research, development, and deployment laboratory working on projects including IPFS, Filecoin, and libp2p.

We've worked with Protocol Labs building open source and internal tools. Some things we've worked on with PL include testing and optimizations for libp2p's gossip sub protocol in preparation for its integration into ETH 2.0, building a network inspector style debugging tool for the Kademlia DHT implementation of go-libp2p, creating a network visualization and debugging tool using WebGL for Filecoin, and creating a Filecoin browser extension among other things. We are also a proud winner of the Slingshot Challenge ❤️.

Pied Piper Without the Rats

We built Soundchain’s blockchain-powered music streaming application, giving more power and economic opportunity to artists and their fans by bringing them together directly while eliminating middlemen like record companies and titan music platforms. By allowing users to freely mint and sell audio NFT’s, artists can maintain ownership and control of the music they create. We built this marketplace on Polygon while adding the generation of non-custodial ETH/Matic wallets from which users have the ability to view their complete transaction history including royalties.

Tokenizing Audio For The Masses

Tableland is a permissionless relational database for web3 natives built for developers, NFT creators and web3 visionaries. We built TableExplorer, an admin tool for developers allowing a quick and easy-to-use way to view and manipulate their data inside Tableland tables.

Web3 Database for Visionaries

We worked with Scotch & Soda to launch Club Soda 3.0, a free-spirited Web3 community enabled by NFTs. The creation and minting of NFTs is powered by Salesforce's new NFT Cloud technology allowing users to mint, manage and sell NFTs on a trusted and sustainable platform.

The launch of Club Soda 3.0 includes minting 1,000 Founder’s Pass NFTs, which serve as a point of entry to exclusive experiences, events, and offers from Scotch & Soda. All of the brand’s NFTs are minted on Polygon, a sustainable blockchain that uses proof-of-stake consensus protocol.

We SOLD OUT all 1,000 NFT's within 24 hours.

Our whitelist consisted of 1812 wallets and 1158 accounts. 788 members were Club Soda 2.0 members, creating +30% net new Club Soda accounts.

After the collapse of the Terra blockchain, One Planet wanted to migrate NFT's from the Terra blockchain to Polygon. Resulting in not only bringing new life to displaced Terra collections, but also strengthening Polygon’s own gaming and NFT ecosystem.

We worked with One Planet to integrate interactions between multi-chain & multi-wallet signatures opening further opportunities for cross-chain interactions.​ Everything is 100% on-chain verified, at no point in the entire application do use centralized database as the source of truth. We support gas less transactions allowing someone with 0 MATIC to be able to participate and onboard into the new ecosystem.