Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Companies differentiate themselves with both their products and their ability to collect data and glean insights. Machine learning powers AI capabilities like recommendation systems and predictions. From increasing user satisfaction with personalized content to reducing costs with automation, machine learning leverages data science and modern data processing to make predictions and emulate human decision-making. AE offers a unique blend of development expertise, domain knowledge, and quantitative savvy.

At AE, our mission is to improve human agency with every client, every line of code, and every machine learning model we assemble.

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Artificial IntelligenceArtificial Intelligence

AI teaches computers to recognize patterns that challenge humans at scale (can you remember what was similar and different across 100 attributes of 1,000,000 things?). AE helps businesses sort through the multitudes of things (customers, images, SKUs, transactions, etc.) and extract the insights that lead to value!

Computer VisionComputer Vision

A picture is worth a thousand words, but at AE, we’d prefer to measure its value in dollars. Computer Vision allows not only the classification of cat memes but also patterns in data visualizations. What other pictures are alike? Are certain pictures preferable or profitable? We see what others don’t (or, you know, write code to do it for us).

Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing

George Carlin said that “your words always give you away,” and although he might have been considering a particular “seven”, they’re still a treasure trove of insight. What do customers say about products? What sentiments are revealed by discussion? Is a person interested in buying X if they say Y? Let our algorithms read, report & add value!

Predictive AnalyticsPredictive Analytics

Which customers will increase their spending? Meeting the desires of tomorrow’s consumer (maximizing their agency) requires optimizing the supply chain today. Determining the lifetime value of any asset demands mathematics to peer forward in time. The view is hazy, but value lives in that fog.

Recommendation SystemsRecommendation Systems

Folks willing to read this dubiously witty passage also found other prose on our website compelling (yay!). One revealed preference can reveal others. At AE we get to know what our clients and customers want—and such insights reveal ROI.

Intelligent AutomationIntelligent Automation

Time is money. And nothing wastes more time than repetition (and repetition). Increasing human agency means freeing up time for you to do what you do best (thinking, innovating, and watching tv) and letting computers work the long hours (they don’t even get paid overtime or receive workman’s comp. Suckers.)!

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We help our clients solve fascinating problems (and solve interesting ones of our own!).

Our bodies are full of medically-relevant insights. A trip to the doctor’s office to urinate in a cup is unpleasant and expensive. What if you could urinate on a stick, take a picture with a smartphone, and access a plethora of health and wellness insights? Yup. Better.

AE built a computer vision algorithm to scan that stick. The algorithm improved 190% over the existing system, Vessel raised additional financing, and human beings everywhere (5k pre-orders already!) will soon gain insights into their bodies from the comfort of their bathrooms.

Computer vision algorithms

Humans exercise for many reasons—some want to get stronger and faster, others simply want to look good (no judgment). With all manner of wearable technology upon our bodies, shouldn’t that data inform when, how, and for how long we exert ourselves? Shouldn’t human agency include improving our motivation and gaining insight into the progress each workout delivers? (Says the guy who’s been sitting at a desk all day.)

AE helped Point conceive and develop their SDK, model the data it receives and creates, and generate actionable health advice for health platforms and users. Platforms that use the Point SDK can now get effortless data on their users effortlessly, which enables those users to exercise efficiently, wisely, and with maximum agency to achieve their personal goals.

Data Modeling

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