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We provide full-service product design & development. We act as your CTO if you need one, or integrate with your team to deliver clean code that works.

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We work with various different technologies and strive to pick the right tool for the job.

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Some success stories


Ritual, a subscription women’s multivitamin brand, wanted to create a new stand-alone site for its New Year’s resolution. The result is a first-of-its-kind blend of retail and meaningful, mindful habit change for consumers. It’s an amazing example of delivering value first, helping potential customers be better versions of themselves. Since Ritual was founded in 2015, they’ve sold 1 million bottles of vitamins and raised over $40M in venture funding.

What they say about us

I’ve never had such an easy, bug-free public launch before. This really speaks to the quality of the code... We have tons of users already and everything is working perfectly—no alarms, no snags, nothing.

Daniel Archer, Lead Engineer, Ritual

increasing agency for the new year
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We worked closely with Draper Venture Network to build their new public site and an exclusive member portal. The portal allowed over 1000 entrepreneurs and investors to connect in a meaningful way like never before, delivering value to their 24 funds managing over $2 billion in assets across the globe.

What they say about us

AE was great at taking this 30,000ft. idea we had in our heads and turning it into a tangible product that looks beautiful and works as our users expect. They translated our business goals into actionable user stories and helped us shape the product in smart, startup-y ways as we went. We’re thrilled with the results.

Anna Diaz, Product Manager, Draper Venture Network

Connecting 1000 entrepreneurs and investors
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Best Apps is a technology company whose products focus on custom apparel. Their platform allows fans to collaborate with brands, celebrities, athletes and more to create unique wearables. We worked alongside their team to build technology from the ground up, resulting in numerous rounds of funding.

With more than 320,000 downloads, their main iOS app also allows users to design a shirt from their phone/tablets in the easiest way possible. We also launched major A-list celebrities e-commerce stores featuring customizable merch, racking over 4 millions visits within 3 days and the sale of countless one-of-one products.

What they say about us

They were very accommodating from the beginning, offering support wherever needed. The project was always well-staffed because of their team’s skill level. In their past few years of growth, they bring in quality talent and maintain professionalism. We’ve had audits and advisors review the code, and everything is top-notch.

Michael Bowen, President, Best Apps

Developing a cross-platform, B2B and B2C apparel empire
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Our team of software engineers are highly collaborative and make your ideas into products users love.




20+ years development experience spending both work & free time developing dynamic, UI rich websites & apps for a wide variety of applications & businesses.




Experienced CTO with 10+ years of experience in several areas including e-commerce, databases, operations and native app development. Expert in JavaScript and its ecosystem (Node.js, Express, Angular, React/Redux, GraphQL, Ionic, React Native, and more) and experienced in Rails, Python, Django, Swift, Objective-C, Java, Redux, Postgres, MySQL, MongoDB, and more.




10+ years experience building products and leading teams for early-stage start-ups and tech companies. Former CTO at To The Tens, co-founder of ELIX, and full stack developer and leader at several LA-based start-ups. I make impactful products with web technologies & AI and love leading and growing teams. Some of the tool I’ve used: Python, TensorFlow, Keras, Solidity, NodeJS, React, React Native, Angular, Ionic, Rails, GraphQL, MongoDB, MySQL, Postgres, and more. B.S. from Yale University, focused on statistical analysis of ecological systems.