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Life at AE

Flexible schedules

Work out a schedule that fits with your team and you’re good to go. We know that forcing night owls to start work at 6am isn’t the best for productivity.

Highly collaborative

We help each other out. We have a network of amazing developers and data scientists working on different projects who are always willing to share their knowledge. There are no egos here.

Growth mindset

We realize that part of being awesome is being open to new things that can make you more awesome. We listen to your input and are always looking to grow.


Some of the coolest tech products started out as fun side projects. We actively encourage our team members to build out their own ideas and spend time learning new technologies and expanding their skillsets. We’ve built all sorts of cool little projects, some more finished than others. One day we hope to build an open-source operating system for brain-to-computer interfaces that doesn’t enslave humanity.

Work-life balance

We think people work better when they don’t just work. We encourage our employees to have a healthy work-life balance. Really.

Technology & Tools

We work with various different technologies and strive to pick the right tool for the job.

Main languages

Main stack

Main tools

Other tools we like to use


Great communication and collaboration that’s not annoying and actually helps get work done. Our processes work, and they make sure you constantly know you’re headed in the right direction.


Full Stack Developer
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Product Designer & Manager
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Full Stack Developer & Project Lead
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Brain-to-Computer Interface Researcher
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* In  the US  we only hire people who can work in our  LA Office.