Company Retreats & Hackathons

A few times a year we gather the team to work together from a resort. It's really amazing to meet everyone in person and exponentially increase our agency. The retreat experience allows us to interact with people and see things from a new perspective.

But it's not all about that easy life. In these retreats, we have an intense week of collaborative work where we generate a lot of value for our clients.

And by the end of the retreat, we have a hackathon where everyone brings agency-increasing ideas and we work on them. We go from concept to production in 1 day, imagine what we can do in a month.

But none of these challenges are as hard as making our flight connection in time at the Sao Paulo airport.


Foz do Iguaçu | Brazil
Oct 15, 2022

On the first weekend the team went to see the waterfalls, one of the most amazing sightings in the planet, especially during our visit because the water levels were way above the normal levels.

In this retreat we had exclusive rooms for many different teams and we were able to have a really intensive and very rewarding week of work.

By the end of the week we had our first Hackathon were we developed a lot of Universal Launcher plugins. If you don't know what Universal Launcher is, we highly recommend you check it out, you can perform 10 actions by writing 1 line, it can increase your agency exponentially.

There were many other projects that are very agency increasing and as always we'll be working to release some new cool stuff very soon!

Palm Springs | US
May 19, 2022

Desert, pool, margueritas! That's quite a combination. We spent a few days at an amazing oasis to work on a lot of agency increasing ideas.

There was a lot of agency increasing projects and it's very cool to know that some of these projects will be used forever going forward.

Santo Amaro da Imperatriz | Brazil
Apr 07, 2022

We've gathered all the Brazillian team in a place with one of the best thermomineral waters in the world.

A very new exciting trend of hackathons happened during this retreat, we had a lot of people come up with Blockchain related hackathon projects!

Porto de Galinhas | Brazil
Nov 05, 2021

Our first big retreat! We've grown a lot since our last retreat, now with hundreds of people meeting in person at an amazing beach in Brazil.

Check out our Youtube Video!

This was our first time meeting so many people, it was super exciting to see all the amazing ideas that came out of this retreat.

Turks and Caicos
Oct 05, 2019

The amazing paradise once again. It's so relaxing and exciting to work from one of the most beautiful places in the world.

This retreat was special, we created our first startup, EletricSMS, that we later sold for a few million dollars!

Turks and Caicos
Oct 13, 2018

This retreat was epic! We had the whole team together and we had so much fun meeting everyone in person. It was the first time that the US team met the BR team.

We were able to enjoy the most beautiful beach in the whole world and do amazing work while relaxing and enjoying at the same time.

By the end of the week we had a Hackathon were a few legendary projects were born. For example, the Rubber Duck has been immortalized, everyone gets a rubber duck every retreat after this.