Income Max

We developed “Max”, a friendly AI chatbot that supports the IncomeMax advisors who help people struggling with their finances. Max streamlines the information-gathering process so agents more effectively support customer needs.

Now a friendly, on-brand interaction with chatbot Max greets users and guides them through a series of required questions. We integrated the platform with Salesforce for efficient account management. We also delivered a robust backend "AI-Brain" that integrates FAQ documents, implements goal-oriented Large Language Models (LLMs), and ensures a stable and secure infrastructure. 

AE Studio's collaboration with UK-based social enterprise IncomeMax highlights a significant step towards using AI and LLMs in humane ways--in this case, by directly empowering financially vulnerable families. Since 2009, IncomeMax has offered a free, confidential money advice service, finding over £38 million of new income for people struggling with their finances.

They were superb and always overdelivered! Phenomenal productivity, interest and passion for their work.”

Leigh Thomspon, IncomeMax Services Director

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