Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics

Insight demands more than the right answers—it demands the right questions. Strategic decisions begin with curiosity, are fed by data, and conclude with a wiser path forward (give or take a few meetings, colorful charts, and impassioned debates regarding the relative merits of visualization libraries).

What we do

We work closely with our clients to understand the questions that keep them up at night and stand between them and their aspirations. We extract data from sources near and far. We leverage experience and engineering to organize those data for all manner of use. And ultimately, we distill agency-increasing wisdom.

Who doesn’t love playing games on their smartphones? What if a game assessed your level of impairment before you took the wheel of a vehicle? Increasing the agency of drivers (and the safety of everyone) is right up our alley. AE constructed a dashboard connecting the neurophysiological data game-players generated to self-reported responses to cannabis and other demographic indicators.

Admins and public safety officers saw a picture of impairment that had never been available without noticing the erratic veering of a couple tons of steel! Safety, smartphone games, and sound decision-making! Win, win, win!

Neurophysiological Data

Ever look up the lyrics of a band whose concert you’ll attend? Of course you have—but the musicians aren’t looking you up! Artists crave insight about who attends their shows, and their marketing teams need it like plants need sunlight (photosynthetic marketing divisions are not yet an internal project, but give us time, and who knows!).

Our dashboards help describe who came to the show without sharing too much (like that mirror performance of their hit you thought no one knew about).  

User Data

Ready for insights?

More applications from our M.L. engineers

Web ScrapingWeb Scraping

Click the link. Copy. Scroll. Copy. Paste. Format. Click back. Lather. Rinse. Repeat. Ever tried it? Ever wished you could hire an efficient, hyper-intelligent, low-cost assistant to execute this repetitive task? Us too. Scraping the web saves time and sanity. Make your computer do the work for you—it’s exempt from minimum wage laws and never files HR complaints.


Jobs become easier when facts, figures, and trends are available with a single click. Gone are the days when some bleary-eyed analyst asks for yet another cut of some ill-formatted dataset (not that we have any personal experience with that). What you need, when you need it, cut to your heart’s content (with all the pretty charts).

Data VisualizationData Visualization

Bars are for drinking, pies are for dessert, and lines are for...queuing. While we too “excel” at generating charts, we also know there are more compelling ways to tell stories with data. Let us help you turn your numbers into visuals (we always preferred books with pictures anyway).


Answering simple user questions shouldn’t require hiring an army of humans. Humans are expensive and present annoying requests for food, water, and bathroom breaks. Computers can offer intelligent prose in response to any inquiry and need but a little electricity (and the occasional software upgrade) for sustenance!


Karl Popper said a hypothesis is only valid if it can be falsified. That demands well-constructed experiments (you know, the ones you hated in stats class, replete with null hypotheses, controls, and significance tests). We actually stayed awake for statistics—so we’re set.

Trend PredictionTrend Prediction

Napoleon once said, “I know he’s a good [CEO], but is he lucky?” Startups hoping for lucrative exits rather than exile need to understand the trends in their industries. Avoid your corporate Waterloo with probabilistic regressions and other predictive models.

Why we do it

Because clients pay us (duh). But that money doesn’t just go to our fancy Abbot Kinney office. We funnel it into agency-increasing endeavors, like donating to highly effective charities and incubating a wide array of internal Skunkworks. All Skunkworks must increase human agency. Some get acquired. The latter begets additional funds, which fund additional skunkworks, which beget additional funding of agency-increasing products.

Human agency is enhanced when humans can enter, revise, and exit subscriptions seamlessly. We built Electric SMS to automate those processes. Though corporations fear that giving customers control will incur short-term costs (and they’re right!), our analytical efforts (MRR and LTV) verified that empowering customers builds longer, more robust relationships with brands (and we were right too!). Agency is good for customers and corporations alike—we’ve seen this firsthand, and we want everyone else to see it too. (Not like we’re biased or anything.)

When Recharge found Electric SMS’s subscription management a delectable morsel of technology, our instincts were validated—and now, 220,000 users manage their subscriptions and over $25M in revenue is being processed for 56 merchants. Increasing human agency doesn’t just make sense. It makes dollars.

Subscription Data

Humans with agency chart their own unique paths through the world. Some of us have built models to predict when data centers will require maintenance. Others have built models to calculate the probability of a customer churning or renewing subscriptions. And a few have modeled air quality, water quality, or the quantity of water in soil. We’ve helped college students buy sandwiches. We’ve predicted if a document is fraudulent, if an employee will quit their job, and the outcome of baseball games in our past and present lives.

At AE, the power of our agency-increasing analytics is not merely the mathematical and computational skill at our disposal (though we think we’ve got some game). We have many lifetimes of experiences turning sensors into data, data into insight, and insight into wisdom that moves brands, customers, and humanity forward. Come for the technical chops, stay for our fresh perspective.

Extracurricular Experiences

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