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Agency Enterprise is a product development studio that specializes in developing custom generative AI applications. We help our Clients push the boundaries of what’s possible through agile software development and data science services.

We develop cutting-edge solutions for companies like

Generative AI gives you a massive strategic advantage

Database Conversations

Engage with your database using conversational language, eliminating the need for complex SQL commands.

Efficient Workflows

Enhance workflow efficiency with a knowledge base-driven co-pilot that simplifies task management.

Advanced Chatbots

AI-driven bots with CV, OCR, and multi-database capabilities, designed for efficient information aggregation and retrieval.

Creativity Unleashed

Foster artistic innovation with the ability to create distinctive, rule-based generative artwork that pushes the boundaries of creativity.

Tailored Content

Generate specialized content that caters to industry-specific needs, leveraging a broad array of diverse information sources for tailored output.

Select Generative AI Projects

We don’t mean to brag, but our AI skills are top notch.
Here are some recent AI projects that we shipped:


Extracting Structured Information from Texts

We used large language models (LLMs) to create APIs that extract rich information from raw texts in diverse domains, such as biochemistry, medicine, customer support, marketing, and advertisement.

Our system achieved state-of-the-art results in Named Entity Recognition (NER), transforming complex and dense documents into organized and actionable data points. This groundbreaking approach not only streamlined the extraction process but also drastically reduced the manual effort traditionally needed for reviewing such specialized documents.


We built Electric SMS to automate subscription management. It was insanely successful and acquired by Recharge SMS.

220,000 users manage their subscriptions and over $25M in revenue is being processed for 56 merchants.

We developed a similarity-based retrieval system using Transformer embeddings and clustering algorithms to understand customer support messages, enhancing the experience for 8M+ customers and reducing customer support costs for 1000+ stores.


SmartSuite is a collaborative Work Management platform enabling teams to plan, track, and manage workflow.

Our team developed a multi-functional Al writing assistant and automated schema generation, both powered by OpenAl. Additionally, we created an Al assistant that interprets natural language queries to visualize user content.


Seance AI is an innovative app that combines artificial intelligence (AI) technology with immersive storytelling to create a captivating and interactive experience centered around seances and the supernatural. It offers users a unique opportunity to engage with a simulated virtual environment where they can participate in fictionalized seances, communicate with fictional spirits, and explore the mysteries of the spirit world.

We have Fun,
but our AI is Serious

Here are more examples of our work
innovating whats possible with Generative AI:

Award-Winning papers at the cutting edge of data science

Our paper “Ignore Previous Prompt: Attack Techniques For Language Models” won the Best Paper Awards for the NeurIPS ML Safety Workshop.

The paper received one of the 10 best paper awards out of 132 accepted papers. The paper was also awarded with the “AI safety analysis award”.

Cleaning Up Data with Large Language Models

We used ML to turn the untapped potential of a large database of legal documents into clean and usable structured data.

  • First, documents underwent a series of classical Machine Learning classifiers to predict the legal context.
  • Then, we skillfully combined this context with the document text, forming a dynamic prompt for our Large Language Model.

Because it was trained with context clues, the Language Model generated structured data with higher accuracy than any previously tried approach.

We have been building with AI and ML solutions since we launched in 2015

At AE Studio, we transform language into data insights and ensure AI learns efficiently and ethically. Leveraging deep learning and cloud computing, we unveil data's hidden gems and prioritize ethical, swift AI solutions.

Natural Language ProcessingNatural Language Processing

Words can be tricky business. How can one machine make sense of all the chatter? At AE Studio, we crack the code of language, translating those tricky tongues into sweet, sweet numerical nectar. We put the 'fun' back in 'function' by turning 'hello' into '01101000 01100101 01101100 01101100 01101111'.

Reinforcement LearningReinforcement Learning

Ever wished your computer could learn like your trusty hound? Us too! We train our AI models to act like old Rover, learning from the past to tackle the future. One man's trash is another AI's treasure, as our models use past experiences to suss out future challenges. Learning has never been so efficient (or adorable)!

Vectorization and EmbeddingsVectorization and Embeddings

They say a word is worth a thousand numbers (that's the saying, right?). With Vectorization and Embeddings, we turn sentences into sequences, paragraphs into patterns. We take the wordy world and transform it into number nirvana. Got text? We got vectors.

Deep LearningDeep Learning

In the murky depths of the data ocean, we're not just dipping our toes in - we're doing the deep dive! With Deep Learning, we don't skim the surface, we trawl through the complexity, reeling in insights like they're going out of fashion. We equip our AI models with metaphorical scuba gear and watch as they reveal the sunken treasures of your data.

Model Selection, Deployment, and OptimizationModel Selection, Deployment, and Optimization

In our digital theater, LLMs take center stage; we carefully audition and optimize each model, crafting a bespoke performance for your project's success. Each algorithm is meticulously tuned, like a virtuoso for the digital age, ensuring a seamless and spotlight-worthy deployment that elevates your project to stardom.

Cloud and Distributed ComputingCloud and Distributed Computing

In the vast expanses of the digital sky, we're cloud surfers, zipping through data with ease. We use Cloud Solutions and Distributed Computing to train and deploy our AI models, making them perform like world-class athletes on a global scale. Who needs ground-based computing when you can have your head in the clouds? Efficiency and performance at lightning speed - now that's service with a smile!

Work with the world’s best data scientists and software developers

Our data scientists are efficient, collaborative, and come from places like these:

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Meet some of our talented team:




Data scientist with more than 20 years of experience using statistics and machine learning to analyze datasets in physics, finance, and online petitions. B. Magna Cum Laude in Chemistry & Physics from Harvard College and PhD from Cal Tech in Experimental High Energy Particle Physics.




Data scientist with experience building ML-based data mining solutions, with prior work in a variety of fields, including financial modeling, energy policy, and cybersecurity. Strong cross-functional background in signal processing, software development, and applied statistics. Dual degree in Statistics and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.




Senior data scientist with a passion for developing creative solutions to complex problems. Over the past 7+ years, he has demonstrated this by utilizing supercomputers to solve partial differential equations during his PhD at Princeton, as well as spearheading the integration of machine learning into a health-tech startup, starting from the ground up and reaching millions of users.

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