Let's Test Something Great

Talking to your users has never been easier.

When you create a brand new product, enter an existing market, or innovate on past successes, user research is a powerful tool to gather insights from users and build the right thing.

Some success stories

We’ve been entirely redesigning the Chicagoist identity and product with Chance The Rapper. We can’t talk about it yet but it’s going to be great! As part of our work with Chance, we also created a site for the 2019 Chicago alderman election.

What they say about us

AE Studio is putting us in the best possible position. I was most impressed with how quickly they were able to get tasks done even when they were super complicated and took a heavy-lift. They always delivered.

Teryn Payne, Project Manager, The Chicagoist

Who did we meet?


Chicago residents in the city in less than 5 days

The research

We planned over 40 user interviews in less than 5 days in Chicago, drawing insights for the business model & product development next steps.

Throughout a 3 month long retail-tech project in LA, we have had over 200 conversations with employees and business owners in the retail, luxury and hospitality world. This in depth research and insights lead to closing the first pilot for our client as well as bring them through another successful rounds of funding.

Who did we meet?


conversations with retail owners & employees

The research

We met over 100 business owners, managers & employees over a period of 3 months, leading to closing the pilot of a unique retail experience with a leading hotel and implementing user feedback directly in the app and program.

üNiFi is an innovative cryptocurrency platform that allows users to borrow, lend and earn interest on their crypto. We've been designing the üNiFi website, as well as running a full user research project. Collecting feedback from users in the cryptocurrency space allowed us to think strategically in order to build the next iteration of the product.

What they say about us

We were super impressed by the team's at AE Studio. Their ability to listen to our ideas, build our website quickly and iterate on it by collecting honest, unbiased feedback from potential users in just a matter of days definitely helped us build the right thing!

Adam Davis, co-founder, üNiFi

Who did we meet?


cryptocurrency users over a 2-week project

The research

We were able to meet over 10 users with a diverse level of expertise towards cryptocurrency/blockchain and based in 3 countries.

Our product designers are highly collaborative and make your ideas into products users love.



Multidisciplinary designer & product manager who co-founded a text and voice-based startup using NLP & ML and successfully ran a remote creative agency focused on helping SMBs and startups.