We built Sounchain’s blockchain-powered music streaming application, giving more power and economic opportunity to artists and their fans by bringing them together directly while eliminating middlemen like record companies and titan music platforms. By allowing users to freely mint and sell audio NFT’s, artists can maintain ownership and control of the music they create. We built this marketplace on Polygon while adding the generation of non-custodial ETH/Matic wallets from which users have the ability to view their complete transaction history including royalties.

Additionally, we deployed a native token (OGUN) with strategic airdrops and distribution methods such as token staking and liquidity pool rewards. We assisted in setting up the initial liquidity pool via QuickSwap to allow trading via a decentralized exchange.


In order to allow fast, secure and cost efficient transactions, we implemented the Polygon blockchain to mint and trade NFT’s on the platform.

We integrated MagicLink to allow users to create a simple and secure ETH/Polygon wallet with only an email.

For users that wish to optionally connect a non-custodial wallet, we implemented MetaMask.

Gnosis Safe
We utilized Gnosis safe to set up secure multi-signature wallets to deploy smart contracts and hold company funds.

Mux powers our music streaming and provides comprehensive analytics on playback counts, performance, engagement

We implemented Pinata to facilitate super fast and secure IPFS uploads allowing for truly decentralized file storage.

Blockchain powered music streaming platform.
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