First Ape Wives Club was created as a vehicle to support female representation in web3, film, TV, music, and the arts. FAWC will provide a source of revenue to organizations that prioritize these values by donating 5% of its company treasury on an ongoing basis. We partnered with the FAWC team to mint a collection of 11,111 unique NFT's stacked with exclusive benefits.

3D NFT Gallery
Holders can access an exclusive 3D gallery where all of their art can be displayed. We will build the capability to exchange assets directly from the 3D metaverse experience and bid on items in real-time at a virtual auction.

⁠Verifiably Unique NFT's
Every FAWC NFT is a verifiably unique NFT that can be traded on open marketplaces such as OpenSea or Token Runners.

A collection of 11,111 unique, rare beauties.
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