Unlock Your Business Potential with AE's Custom Software and AI Solutions

Unlock Your Business Potential with AE's Custom Software and AI Solutions

Work with AE's world class team to accomplish your goals faster than the competition!

✅ Achieve rapid success with tailored Minimum Viable Products.

✅ Drive innovation through Enterprise Digital Transformation Initiatives.

✅ Maximize ROI with Custom AI/ML Solutions designed for your business.

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Ready for the AI revolution?

Our data scientists are efficient, collaborative, and come from places like these:

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Data scientist with more than 20 years of experience using statistics and machine learning to analyze datasets in physics, finance, and online petitions. B. Magna Cum Laude in Chemistry & Physics from Harvard College and PhD from Cal Tech in Experimental High Energy Particle Physics.




Data scientist with experience building ML-based data mining solutions, with prior work in a variety of fields, including financial modeling, energy policy, and cybersecurity. Strong cross-functional background in signal processing, software development, and applied statistics. Dual degree in Statistics and Computer Science from UC Berkeley.




Senior data scientist with a passion for developing creative solutions to complex problems. Over the past 7+ years, he has demonstrated this by utilizing supercomputers to solve partial differential equations during his PhD at Princeton, as well as spearheading the integration of machine learning into a health-tech startup, starting from the ground up and reaching millions of users.

Empower AI Alignment Initiatives with Our Expert Consulting Framework

Collaborate with our seasoned AI engineers to elevate your alignment projects!

✅ Scale impactful solutions with our proven client engagement model.

✅ Harness collective expertise by pairing promising researchers with top technical talent.

✅ Drive field advancements through strategic outsourcing of technical alignment projects.

Less wrong, More building

We can create the AI safety solutions you need

✅ If the whole “read LessWrong all day” approach to alignment is not getting you very far, we can help! We’re all about implementing promising (and also neglected) solutions.

✅ We’ve wrangled rogue AIs for mom-and-pop shops and tamed unruly algorithms for Fortune 500 companies. Now you need us to help you save humanity? You got it, we have everything setup for that!

✅ We know finding AI safety researchers is already hard, and then they just love to leak all your secrets on Twitter! Let us handle that too. We’ve been perfecting the art of upskilling amazing people into AI safety warriors, and we’re ready to let you take advantage of that (in exchange for a modest fee, of course).