Brain-to-Computer Interface Researcher

Join our top-tier team of developers, designers, and data scientists who care about innovative tech, intuitive UI, clean code, a good work environment, and getting things done.

We are a forward-looking agency seeking a passionate, scrappy researcher to work on the operating system for the brain. One of our main missions and motivators at AE is to use technology to increase rather than decresase human agency and we think this will be especially important when thinking about BCI. While today's BCIs are invasive, we anticipate a future where BCI technology becomes safe and ubiquitous and believe it is important to start taking steps now to ensure it is is developed in a way that is good for humanity and minimizes S-risk.

We have existing team of talented engineers and machine learning data scientists, but we're new to this type of in-house research role. We're looking for someone who shares our vision and hustle and is excited to work with us to shape this unique role in a way for it to have the highest impact.

We aim to develop partnerships with academic labs and other organizations to collect world-class datasets with which to prototype BCI algorithms with the help of our existing team. In the near-term, we want to work with non-invasive signals with an eye to applying these lessons to both invasive and and non-invasive neural interfaces as the technology matures.

We're taking a long view on BCI and hope to fund the research of a full-time employee in this space. We're excited for the future and want to begin building it now.


  • Work full-time on exploring, discovering and developing technologies and strategies which will be crucial for BCI
  • Leverage your work to generate buzz and excitement in the space
  • Write well for a non-technical audience to impact public perception of bci and emphasize the importance of building tech in a way that maximizes human agency and minimizes S-risk
  • Participate in the BCI ecosystem, keeping up on news, joining groups and building relationships
  • Publish peer-reviewed research
  • Build tangible prototypes which we can use to demo technology and stoke public interest
  • Work with our existing data scientists and engineers to build prototypes or products
  • Partner with our existing team at AE to develop new ideas

Our ideal candidate is…

  • Ph.D. or equivalent in neuroscience, applied mathematics, computer science, electrical engineering, or other relevant fields
  • A self-starter and comfortable with ambiguity
  • Has big ideas and a big vision for the future
  • Wants to move fast with resources outside of the academic setting
  • Can partner with organizations both in and outside academia to further their research
  • Has experience in BCI or neuroscience experimentation or neural signal processing
  • Can work independently to accomplish goals
  • Enjoys working in the public space (writing, being on video, publishing journal articles, etc.)
  • Is excited for the BCI future and wants to take strides towards it today

Additional details

  • Job is for full-time, in office work at our beautiful office in Venice, CA on Abbot Kinney
  • Salary and compensation range: $80-120k
  • Visa sponsorship possible for exceptional candidates
  • Opportunity for equity or participation in ventures we spin out of the work