...or did you?

It’s never *not* annoying when your internet goes out. You shake your fist at the sky and then resort to one of the most demeaning things you can do—you crawl under your desk through a laser field of unknown chords to unplug your router. Before it gets to that desperate point, there’s something else you could try...

According to an ancient urban legend (dating back to around 2014), people have reported that when their internet dies, if they visit msn.com, their internet magically comes back to life.

I originally learned about this from a flight attendant on Virgin America and I didn’t believe it at first, but then I tried it and it actually worked for me. And it’s worked often since then, in various other situations.

Are the Microsoft Network gods messing with us? Seeking revenge? Controlling us? We don’t know. But if opening MSN will resurrect our internet and save us from any miniscule inconvenience, we’ll play their game.

That’s why we created the Resurrect My Internet extension for Chrome. Once you install it, you’ll be able to use it to get to msn.com when your internet connection goes out. And if all goes as planned, you’ll be back on the world wide web in no time.

Also, if anyone on Hacker News or anywhere can tell us why this actually does seem to work, we’d really love to know.