As part of AE Studio’s mission to increase human agency for all, we’re proud and excited to donate 5% of our profits to charity every month.

When we started this initiative, we committed to donating to highly effective charities, meaning they’re high-impact and cost-effective, with hard evidence to support this. Unfortunately, some charities are less impactful than we think, and we want our money to create as much positive change as possible.

Our pledge to support these charities is part of our commitment to the effective altruism movement, which uses reasoning and careful analysis to find the best causes to work on. If we choose the right causes with the highest impact, we’ll be able to do much more good!

We also want our clients, friends, and even strangers who visit our website to feel empowered to help choose where we donate. Each month you’ll find 3 charities listed on our homepage that save or improve lives the most per dollar, and you can vote for the one you connect with most. We’re also open to recommendations, so please share a cause that’s special to you.

Last month, the winner of our charity initiative was the Clean Air Task Force (CATF), an organization that’s working to reduce carbon and other climate-warming emissions, with the goal of creating zero-emissions energy, waste, agricultural, and forest management systems by 2050.

Independent from popular thinking and investor influence, the scientists, engineers, policy experts, and lawyers at CATF can rely on the facts to create change-making solutions in the areas of:

  • Advanced energy systems
  • Advanced nuclear energy
  • Bioenergy
  • Carbon capture
  • Power plants
  • Super pollutants

They’re setting the world up to fight climate change with realistic solutions in a short period of time (because it’s ridiculously urgent), and we’re excited to be able to back them.

Learn more about how the Clean Air Task Force is affecting change at

Then help us choose where we donate next month here!