If you haven’t left your home, talked to a human, glanced at a phone, sat in front of a computer, turned on a television, or checked your mail in a while, you might not know that we’ve been in the throes of a global pandemic for over a year.

Aside from the millions of deaths, millions of jobs lost, worldwide recession, and widespread panic and fear (too dark?), it’s also difficult to believe how uncertain and difficult traveling has become.

Restrictions both domestically and internationally have been flip-flopping for a year. Things are arguably more complicated now than when this thing started (in a lab? In a cute pangolin?).

Regulations on other activities are fluctuating and affecting people’s decision to travel, people have antibodies, vaccines are being distributed throughout the world, and more vaccines are set to make their debuts in the coming months.

The whole thing feels pretty apocalyptic, and seeing as none of us have lived through a major pandemic before, planning to leave your bubble can feel equal parts confusing, stressful, and anxiety-inducing. Not to mention there’s the possibility of being denied entry once you arrive at your destination, or getting stuck when you’re trying to return home.

We’re not telling anyone that they should or shouldn’t travel. We just know people are going to do it anyway, so we might as well make it as easy as possible by helping you understand the restrictions.

That’s why we built a super simple-to-use tool called Apocalypse Travel.

You plug in where you want to go, and we’ll show you the latest travel restrictions at your destination. We’re continually refreshing our data, so you’ll always have up-to-date information on travel bans, travel restrictions, and travel policies.

Enjoy navigating planet earth, and try not to kill people in the process. 🧟

Have any info to share or feedback for us? We’re here for you. Click the chat icon on the bottom right of the Apocalypse Travel homepage to talk to José, the founder of Apocalypse Travel (and creator of other cool things at AE Studio). Or click the "Want to use our API?" button to find out how to use our internal API.

Also, no one is really using this so we are probably going to stop supporting it soon. Tell us if you think we shouldn’t!